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The best part of being an entrepreneur is that there is no glass ceiling... except for the one we create for ourselves.

I’ve seen over and over again that doing things our own way as women works. 

When I was a lawyer first starting out, I knew I didn’t want a prominent position at a fancy law firm because I was so over the toxic culture that rules in those institutions. So I decided to open up my own virtual law firm. And it worked for me, to the tune of $600,000 of annual revenue. But that wasn’t enough, so I transitioned to coaching other women, which has turned my six-figure business into Hello Seven. (Literally, that’s the name of the business.)

I’ve learned how to play the game of success by my own rules. And my mission is to help you define your own success and chase after your goals on your terms. 

This is the part where you start to think, “But Rachel, there’s no way I can earn a million dollars, even with your help.”

And this is where I’m going to tell you that you are absolutely wrong.  

The reason you’re not a millionaire— yet— isn’t because... 

you're not capable
you’re not smart enough
you’re too loud or too quiet.

you didn’t get good grades in college


you don’t have enough experience. 

you’re too black or your butt is too big (can a person ever be too black? Can a butt ever be too big? The answer to those questions is no and no.)

And it’s certainly not because you’re not talented enough. 

Those are not the reasons you’re not wealthy.

This guide delivers the 10 behaviors that are essential to becoming a Million Dollar Badass.  

Hi, I'm Rachel Rodgers!

I am a woman of color, a mother of four and a seven-figure business owner—in that order. I started my career working on The Hill with nonprofits, federal judges and Hillary Clinton. When I realized that changing the world is easier when you have some cash in your bank account, I decided to build a million dollar business and then teach other women how to do the same. I'm the creator of the Million Dollar Badass Podcast, and the founder of Glow Up and the Million Dollar Badass Mastermind. Every week, my no-bullshit business and life advice gets delivered to over 30,000 fans, and my visionary guidance for female entrepreneurs has been featured in Time, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Fast Company and the Washington Post.


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